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Of Judas

This spring has been a slow period. Between rising temperature, desire for connection and my own self-destructive tendencies I have accomplished little of my own writing. The other side of it all is that there’s a chapbook coming out soon from the lovely Kevin Devaney.

But I have been able to accomplish small things, including this little folded booklet entitled “Of Judas”:

Of Judas cover Of Judas inside Of Judas back

And a few blurry photos of the actual booklet:

Of Judas cover Of Judas inside Of Judas back

Of Judas

We thought of Judas
after the war


It was typeface
and handwriting
that determined our DNA


It was not betrayal
but beauty

because a poem
was about to sprout
from the back
of my mouth


9:04am Saturday (January 16th, 2010)

9:04am Saturday (January 16th, 2010)

Gathered carefully
around a table set
without plates, flatware−

no glasses but

that into which they pore
their quiet words.

11:10am Saturday (January 10th, 2010)

11:10am Saturday (January 10th, 2010)

Well dressed
in sweatpants,
holding a child
while piling coffee
in too many hands
that do not exist.

Two Short Poems

What I Learned from Goya

We do not lie,

because we tell our readers

we’re lying.

10:00am Tuesday, 2010

The man extends toward sky
as he climbs the stair to the cab.

Tires slip, the man, extended,

extends toward sky.

Now the truck is on its side.
Cracks in the windshield
worsen under unbalanced footsteps.