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“Sacrifice” Is the Wrong Word!

And oh my, does this get me riled up!

So, unless you’ve been in a cave out meditating (or plotting the overthrow of the US Government), you’ve most likely been bombarded by how we all have to make “shared sacrifice” in order to “balance the budget”. I put those in quotations because they’re both stupid statements.

Perhaps we’re discussing taxation as some sort of Teahead “theft” or perhaps we’re looking blindly at the idea that what elected legislators and governors do is somehow with our unanimous consent.

Oh, right. The thesis here is simple: States and the Federal government have a revenue problem.

This is business101. And it disturbs me that we’re so easy to laud political figures for having “business experience” when they can’t seem to understand that we’re in a revenue crisis. You know, prices have to increase for inflation, and they also need to increase when the service-costs rise. What is so difficult about this? If these were Oreos, you’d be certain we’d see an increase in price to match an increase in service-cost.

There’s no sacrifice. We have, simply, the culling of a product line of the subsidiary (US Government) for the benefit of the parent company (corporations and industry controlling elected officials). There is no sacrifice anywhere. Instead we have the equivalent of plant-closings and consolidation of service-lines.



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