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Joy is One Big Fuck You to Oppression

My awesome friend, The Rain Queen, over on The Broke Foodie has written an amazingly touching and wonderful reaction and call to song in response to the events of the past few weeks.

Each news story I hear about some small and shrunken soul trying to wrest our rights away from us makes me cry out in anger because I believe in this country, in the magnificent artists and the dedicated peace workers, the healers and the thinkers, the farmers raising happy chickens and the musicians in love with the glory of a chord progression, the poets and the storytellers, the teachers, the true spiritual leaders, every person in this country who remembers what gratitude feels like, who knows what it means to give thanks for what you have instead of thinking that there is not enough happiness or food or love or money unless you take it away from someone else.

Read the rest of this beautiful call over on her blog.



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