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Friday Spotlight: Dan Bull

I’m settling into a posting rhythm over here, and I’ve decided to forego my usual “Round-Up” on Fridays to celebrate the end of the working week. Instead, I’ll be writing a “Spotlight” Fridays to narrow in on a single topic that I’m hoping will remain in the positive light, because, let’s face it, this blog can be a pretty depressing place during the week (are you seeing a corollary relationship between my posts and the work week, yet?).


So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Dan Bull:

Dan Bull–Death of ACTA

Alright, so I came across Mr. Bull a few months ago when this video began making the rounds of some of my favorite blogs. I was blown away. Copyright, if you don’t know yet, is one of my top interests. I haven’t touched it, here, yet because I’ve frankly been focusing on some bigger issues *cough*Wisconsin*cough*.

Dan Bull describes himself as a “Geeky rap artist promoting logic, skepticism and political change through merciless teasing.” That’s just scratching the surface. In truth, Mr. Bull is representative of far more than just an artist. He’s an oddity in the age of rampant monitization and far-reaching-into-our-bedrooms commerce. Self-described as (and please forgive me I can’t find the quote and it’s early) a “bedroom musician” (Dan, if you read this please correct me if I’m wrong!) which, in and of itself, is special not because of the uniqueness, but because of the attention that a non-monitizing artist has received in the marketplace.

Who is Dan Bull? It’s simple, really. He’s a guy who loves music and words so much he simply makes music and words. It’s simple. Dan Bull is important because he provides a glimpse into the world of so many of us who follow our passions not as a means to make money, but as a means to follow our passions. This is important. For every slam poet who toils through their 9-5 without a word about their art to co-workers who wouldn’t understand; for every artist who paints beautiful scenes to hang on the walls of friends and family; for every one of us who yearn to create but don’t care for the process of mixing economics and art…well, Dan Bull is all of us.

Check it out. The pop over to a few of Dan Bull’s homes on the web and keep checking him out:

His Blog

His Facebook

His Youtube

Perhaps most importantly, Dan Bull released his first LP Safe through torrent and fileshare. If you want a download link to this phenomenal work, click here. If you want to purchase the album, follow the trail (PayPal link).


And to stay in the spirit, cheers!



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