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In the past day I’ve focused a lot of attention on Wisconsin. I’ve neglected things like the King McCarthy Hearings and some interesting developments in my own state’s (Massachusetts) beginning rumblings of 2012 elections.

Regardless, it comes down to one thing and one thing only: that the concept of “democracy” that we’ve embraced is wholeheartedly part of the war on workers.

We seek “peaceful” protests. Why? because we’re peaceful people. What does that mean, exactly? It means that we protest where, how and when those in power decide we do. I called for an occupation, but never explained the rationale.

Wisconsin is a fantastic example of the castration of political power. We’re so worried about being labeled as “troublemakers” or “thugs” that we, voluntarily, curb our own power. And that’s what it’s about, right, power? We enter the Capitol when we’re told we can. We limit our power of association through some misguided ideal of what is and is not “acceptable”.

Fuck that. Every rule of protest is written by those we protest against. While we laud overseas revolutions, we handicap our own persons for the benefit of those we need to attack. Who wrote these rules? mostly media interests and political incumbents who realize that unlimited access to power is a threat to their own power.

As long as we refuse the threat of violence; as long as we refuse to understand that the rule of law does not benefit us, we’re killing ourselves. Perhaps legal remedies will solve this… in 2013. I’m not content to wait until then. We need to see Walker in handcuffs for what he did, and if Egypt’s imperfect example can be learned from it’s that we need the support of those who stand with us who hold power to enforce law.

Refusal is protest. Refusal until they ask nicely is letting them stampede over us while praising our ability to be tread upon. Liberal media, I’m calling you out, as well.



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