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A New Home

The concept of a “new home” on the internet is off-putting. There is nothing physical, nothing moving between that realm and ours that is not ethereal. It is a lie, and a terribly transparent lie at that. What somehow makes its way to us, then, is some reflection of our hands as they hold a pen, the opening of the throat to speak words. Our movements can be captured and exploited in violent cuts and carelessly streaming packets of worthless information. It seems I’m just one more collection of idealized strings of code.

The reason I moved this blog here is to allow for easier embedding of audio files.

Below is a test statement to get things rolling.

In addition, be on the lookout for projects. A little tease:

death /dɛθ/ [deth]
1. Having stood in a storm clutched too tightly to the chest, now lying down.

Also, two phrases I’ve been playing with:

And, finally:



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