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The Medici

Perhaps it was the terror of the past for not finding clarity fast enough

That there are still so many unanswered questions

But look there!
But look here!

the thing but the thing but is it any surprise that the thing served as inspiration as difference as something more and greater and so repetitive and so on the thing and so on the thing

a place but we have no place. an area but not but a geography but something and the interruptions don’t stop not ever

and of course you remember your moment your failure your size and we now remember the details

did you read them? that mark that missed entrance that failure but not failure as you would have understood

and why do we remember you so such grand illusions no transgressions against what we find when we find you. such love such passion so easy we would make it sound what were you?



What were then covered in dirt submerged as if the ground itself wished to contain some mystery some center some movement stillness and a few stones through the earth.

“We didn’t cross but pass the Atlantic that spot that pass that Mu
so beautiful so grand yet ahead of Homen
who raised throat so belching fire.

Given to Solon by Sonchis (Sais)
to be submerged in shakes and fits. They whisper Timaeus as an apology
for not speaking.”

Augustus but not Augustus.

Imagine your mind as the stretching of humanity.

We are not the same, no matter how beautiful a thought.

On Rockets

When I was a child

my father used to take me
to a field by our house to launch
model rockets into the air. My sleep,
then, was haunted by fallout lost monsters.

We’d watch the grey streamers streak their way toward

what I assured me was not heaven.

September 2nd, 2009

We weren’t “marching through the streets,”

We weren’t “marching through the streets,” but
from doorway
to doorway

as if the pounding rain
were gunfire
snipers’ nests. A brown package plastic

explosive labeled “STAY THE FUCK BACK 500 FEET!”

July 15, 2009



/ˈfɪnɪʃt/ [fin-isht]
1. Once before now after.
2. To give up; to not give up.
3. Rome wasn’t built in a day over coffee before the day even begins but Rome was built, it took time it took days it took more and more and more.
4. Pound would have said “never” or “always” depending on the when.