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On Foreclosure Intervention Counseling

On Foreclosure Intervention Counseling
An Inquiry into Alienation, “Burnout” and Methodology

Springfield, MA
January, 2010

This essay attempts to reconcile the apparent alienation experienced by Foreclosure Intervention counselors which presents itself in symptom as “burnout”, “compassion fatigue” and other measures of “stress”. While I firmly believe that the problems presented are universal, each agency is unique, and due to the lack of a coherent service model, each agency presents a (sometimes radically) different explicit or (more often) implicit methodology. This inquiry is grounded in my experience with both ACORN Housing Corp. and my work as the sole Foreclosure Intervention counselor with Springfield NHS. Continue reading


11:10am Saturday (January 10th, 2010)

11:10am Saturday (January 10th, 2010)

Well dressed
in sweatpants,
holding a child
while piling coffee
in too many hands
that do not exist.

Two Short Poems

What I Learned from Goya

We do not lie,

because we tell our readers

we’re lying.

10:00am Tuesday, 2010

The man extends toward sky
as he climbs the stair to the cab.

Tires slip, the man, extended,

extends toward sky.

Now the truck is on its side.
Cracks in the windshield
worsen under unbalanced footsteps.